"Tools for automation and social media marketing."

"Facebook is a social network used by upwards of 1 billion people."

Features for Facebook

Create your ad using "Photo tagging".
The program automates the photo tagging system on Facebook. You create your ad using text and images. All of your "friends" will see your ad directly on the Facebook page (News Feed and Notifications)... read more

Promote your campaign automatically using "Events"
You create the ad and post it automatically to all your friends, through invitations to events. The system is flexible, as you choose the event you want to publicize and who will get the invitation...
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Build a relevant contact base with targeted profile capturing.
Flexible system. You can collect any Facebook user and all available information, filtering by city, gender, age, and birthday, among others. Turn your simple mailing base into a powerful CRM...
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Schedule your ad for it to be posted on the news feed automatically.
Scheduled and automatic posting. You create the message, set the posts, and the system automates the entire process. You can set up several messages and program the system to post them automatically...
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